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Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Just rambling part 3

1...I tried to join a yahoo group for Bisexual Black Women,but they require to go through a phone interview to get in..I thought that was ridicious, just to join a free yahoo group..All i was looking for is too connect other  Black Bi women to dicuss issues that relates to us..I don't know of any other Black Bisexual women personally is just thought it would be nice to connect with some and maybe meet a make a few friends..Yahoo doesn't have many groups that are for Bi BW either does msn..I have issues with the way Bisexuals are Marketed and percieved, but i'll talk about that later...LOL Anyways back to Bi BW,there isn't  book,magazines,club organization both online or offline that cateras exclusely to us, that tells our story from our perspective.. more Bi Ranting coming soon!!

2...Does any know where i can find any Quotes on Bisexuality??
Heres one.."I am with whomever I want to be with, as long as we both can be satisfied, whether a man or woman." Author Unknown.  (I'll post more when i found some..)

3...I hope i find my other headset, if not i have to buy another one..I hate spending money,mainly because i don't have much...It got stuck in the wheel of my wheelchair i don't know it was in there until i look down and saw it wrapped the wheel..So i cutted it off with scrissors..I was wondering my way it was moving strangely LOL.. I don't talk much about my disability or being disabled, but i'll talk about it from time to time.

4...An old classmate of mine got drafted to an professional football team..I've been knowing him since i was in preschool...I've haven't seen him since i graduated highschool...My mother showed me a picture of him in the paper..I wasn't surpised he always wanted to be a pro football player and good a playing it..He looks alot  better, even kind of cute even and more mature...I wondering has he matured up he always gotten on my nerves..But he is was cool and nice...

5...Full house is on..I haven't watched watch that showd in a while..

6..They finally voted John Stevens off  American Idol...It's about time..!!!

Posted at 08:44 pm by Myisha
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